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About Us.

The Hearts of Gold Foundation is a non-profit organization that works with existing Ecuadorian foundations to break the cycle of poverty, promote health, and improve the general welfare of local communities. We focus on connecting Expats and Ecuadorians in order to raise the funds needed to sustain programs already in existence throughout the province of Azuay.


Be a progressive and culturally- informed community Foundation connecting global and local citizens to foster an environment where everyone enjoys lives of hope, health and dignity.


To partner and strengthen the capacity of community-based nonprofit agencies to ensure at-risk children, women and families achieve healthy, safe, educational and economically autonomous ways of life in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Creating Communities of Hope, Health and Dignity

Hearts of Gold is a foundation that connects global & local communities to help Ecuadorian grassroots organizations who serve at-risk children & woman to foster lives of empowerment & opportunity.


Self-Determination: Empowering lives of freedom, knowledge and choice, Culturally Sensitive: Integrating wisdom from the Ecuadorian peoples and cultures, Holistic: Appreciating the interconnectedness of people, families and culture, Integrity: Committing to being open, honest and accountable, Collaboration: Engaging communities in all that we do, Courage: Perusing change with heart and unwavering belief in the possible


Calle Canton Gualaceo, between Calle Canton Santa Isabel and
Canton Gualaceo, between Calle Canton Santa Isabel and r.
Cuenca - Ecuador

Phone Number

Phone: (07) 405 – 6197


[email protected]

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