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Exciting Things at Hearts of Gold

Exciting things have been happening with Hearts of Gold. Since becoming an official foundation here in Ecuador late last year, we’ve been very busy! Because you are the heart and soul of this organization, we would like to update you on our journey thus far!


Our mission is still the same. Hearts...
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Generosity’s Reward

By Danica Robertson Because you donated so generously to our campaign for Casa de Nuestros Mayores, the home for abandoned elders in Paute, we were able to deliver all the needed supplies to them, including an orthopedic bed. In early March, a number of Hearts of Gold volunteers drove the hour out to...
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Think of the Children!

Three times a year, the volunteers at Hearts of Gold Foundation produce progress reports for sponsors of students at CETAP-Lucy, a pre- and after-school program for children with special needs. This time, we decided to interview each child to find out what they think about CETAP-Lucy (CL) and what they value most...
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The Need for Help Never Takes a Holiday

By Richard Verkley, Founder/Board President
12:10pm, Friday, February 28, the start of Carnaval Weekend: Urgent email exchange between Marty Kramer, Chair of the International Projects Committee for Hearts of Gold and Fred Kadin, Board Chairman. "Dear Hearts of Gold Board, I have received an emergency request for funding from an attorney in Washington, D.C....
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CETAP-Lucy’s Radical New Program

Rocio Illescas Ortega was concerned about the high rate of young pregnancies – and all the related problems – in Azuay province. So she decided to do something about it. Rocio is the co-founder (with her sister, Janeth Illescas) and director of the CETAP-Lucy School in rural Chilcapamba, near Cuenca. CETAP-Lucy (Centro...
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