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Empower Communities from Within

Invest in Community Changemakers

Our Mission is to strengthen the capacity of community organizations through education, mentorship, and creating alliances, in order to reach tehir maximum potential; guaranteeing the transparency of their management.

Our Vision is to be an internationally recognized foundation for its transparency and for our impact on society, connecting all the citizens of the world to foster an environment in wich everyone enjoys a life with dignity.


Through its Community Assistance Program, Hearts of Gold partners with small nonprofit organizations and their community leaders in Ecuador that serve marginalized populations.

We support, inspire, educate, and invest in community leaders and grassroots organizations and their staff through capacity building workshops, dialogue sessions and mentorship programs to make their work sustainable, efficient, and transcedent.


Host skills-building workshops on topics such as leadership, marketing, and government reporting


Facilitate dialogue sessions with our partners’ directors to build solidarity in a nonprofit network


Provide financial assistance to our partners to support the growth of their grassroots programs for social change


Perform nonprofit management and administrative services for our partners, such as financial reporting and fundraising

Our Achievements

It always seems impossible until it’s done

0 Lives touched in Ecuador
0% Increase in annual funding since 2012
0 Programs and projects per year
0 Years as a Registered Ecuadorian Foundation

Invest in Community Changemakers

Support the work of Hearts of Gold through the Community Assistance Program today. We believe we can make a difference in the lives of many by supporting the community leaders and organizations that make these changes possible. Whether they serve their communities through programs of nutrition, education, public health, housing, or disaster relief, we believe our partners have the capacity to grow and move forward as independent organizations.