My dream is to be a princess

My dream is to be a princess

Two princesses from El Arenal Foundation saw their dream come true. New dreams came true thanks to the joint efforts of amazing godmothers and godfathers.  We are so proud to count on a committed and generous community. From all of the Hearts of Gold team, a big thanks to all our supporters and dear donors.

This time two beautiful princesses of 7 and 13 years old from El Arenal Foundation saw their dreams fulfilled. They wanted to become princesses for a day. Both children enjoyed a magical afternoon from the beginning. Without knowing anything about the surprise, they arrived at the location, where they found their dresses, space beautifully decorated, candies and gifts.

It was an afternoon dedicated to them; it was a total success. The girls danced, played, enjoyed their gifts with big smiles. We are sure they never forget this day!

This experience is going to help them with their self-esteem and their vision of the future. If you wish to make children’s dreams come true, please click the donation button below.

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