First Director Dialogue of 2017: Building Motivation in the New Year

First Director Dialogue of 2017: Building Motivation in the New Year

Hearts of Gold hosted its first Directors Dialogue of the 2017 year on January 19, bringing together community leaders to discuss and bond over issues and challenges in the field.

The dialogue, "Building Motivation in the New Year," or "Motivacion en el Ano Nuevo" brought together our closest partners, Fundacion El Arenal, CETAP-Lucy, and NOVA, along with Hearts of Gold's Executive Director, Community Relations Director, and Program Coordinator, to discuss the growth of the Community Assistance Program in the 2017 year.

We began the dialogue by discussing the methodology of dialogues (charlas), and how we will utilize dialogues throughout the year as a tool for information sharing, collaboration, and bonding. We discussed how we are all equals in the dialogue, and that Hearts of Gold is simply the facilitator, not the leader, of these discussions. We discussed the idea to build a network like ourselves that can support each other in the good times and bad times. The new Changemakers Training Program consists of a series of skill-building workshops and dialogue sessions every month to build capacities and a network of support for community leaders in Ecuador.

One topic of discussion was Why Dialogues/ Por que Charlas? Participants in the dialogues are joining a network of like-minded individuals that dedicate their lives to similar work. We recognize that this work is emotionally and physically tolling, and gathering at a dialogue is a chance to share that experience, receive support, and learn from one another through successes and challenges. In collaborating with other community leaders and nonprofit professionals, there is a chance to push forward a similar goal by addressing social issues and inequalities in Ecuador.

​Community leaders spoke on what motivates them to go to work everyday, major challenges of the 2016 year, and goals looking forward into the 2017 year. Hearts of Gold presented the growth of Community Assistance Program and how organizations can participate and become official members of the program. Participants reflected on the changes being made, and agreed that more focus was needed on building capacity and developing operational functions of their organizations.

We left the dialogue feeling inspired by the enthusiasm and motivation of our fellow leading changemakers. We look forward to the next workshop on Strategic Planning in February in the Changemakers Training Program and for the next Directors Dialogue in March!

Ustedes nos dan las armas para mantener y hacer crecer las organizaciones. You give us the weapons to maintain and grow our organizations.

Priscila Morales

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