Empower Ecuadorian Women to Elevate their Communities

Empower Ecuadorian Women to Elevate their Communities

We truly believe in this mantra, and that is why we are taking our community leader training  to the next level. This past year alone, You’ve helped us support 59 nonprofit leaders impacting over 3,000 lives  right here in Cuenca… Did you know that 93% of the leaders responsible for this impact were women?

Now imagine for a moment if we could bring more women into the fold? If we could support even more aspiring Ecuadorian female leaders… what could be possible?

Magic – that’s what!  Or in another sense, more positive social change for women, their families and society as a whole.

Our answer to this is simply called “Mirame”- a powerful call to action literally meaning “watch me” in Spanish

Mírame is a new project that will focus on empowering Ecuadorian women through access to education and training, mentoring, networking, and competitive access to micro-funding for social initiatives.

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