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Get to Know the Community Assistance Program

Empower a Leader, Educate a Nonprofit, Build a Resilient Community

Through its Community Assistance Program (CAP), Hearts of Gold partners with small nonprofit organizations and their community leaders in the Azuay province of Ecuador that serve marginalized populations. We believe that nonprofits are the backbone of a strong society. We support, inspire, educate, and invest in community leaders and grassroots organizations and their staff to make their work sustainable, efficient, and impactful. The CAP uses mentoring, capacity building workshops, dialogues and networking to have a large impact and long term solutions for nonprofits and their struggling communities.

Core Services in the Community Assistance Program


Specialized one-on-one mentoring to guide community leaders to track their progress and reach their goals

Administrative Support

Provide administrative assistance in program financial management and government reporting


Host capacity building workshops designed in key areas of nonprofit success, such as fundraising and marketing


Build a network of philanthropic pioneers and businesses looking to give back to the community

Directors Dialogues

Host dialogue sessions to bring together leaders of nonprofits to share experiences, challenges & lessons learned


Coach nonprofit leaders on how to design, manage and execute a successful fundraising campaign

Principles of the Community Assistance Program

Together, anything is possible


Host skills-building workshops on topics such as leadership, marketing, and government reporting


Facilitate dialogue sessions with our partners’ directors to build solidarity in a nonprofit network


Provide financial assistance to our partners to support the growth of their grassroots programs for social change


Perform nonprofit management and administrative services for our partners, such as financial reporting and fundraising

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