You feed our hope every day!

You feed our hope every day!

Despite the painful situation we are living in the country, Cetap Lucy is flavoring. We have carried out the process of adaptation with young children and with the students of the different schools we are supporting in the virtual tasks.

We have carried out psychological and pedagogical assessments as well as leveling in the different subjects.

We are so glad to share with you a success of one of our students:

Jenny is now in the second year of a special high school which trains her for Hotel Assistant. This has proven to be an excellent choice for her. It suits her temperament and capabilities very well. As a result, she had excellent study results and ended her year at the top of the entire school.

Tradition in Ecuador is that this student is the bearer of the national tri-color flag during the annual year-end ceremony which is called Juramento de la Bandera.

A huge thanks to all of our donors and sponsors.

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