The Lessons You Don’t Learn In School

By: Hallie Young, volunteer

My first week at Hearts of Gold was one of excitement to say the least. I arrived to begin my month-long internship two days before the 4th of July Barbeque and was immediately swept into the chaos that is event planning. Needless to say, two days of planning in the office did not prepare me for the spectacle that was the day of the event. The night of 4th of July, I was granted a unique viewpoint. As an intern at the Hearts of Gold office, I saw experienced what anyone who has thrown an event or even hosted guests before has, which is that things never seem to go exactly as planned. As I got a behind the scenes sneak peek at the madness of hosting a huge party, I saw members of the Hearts of Gold team race to accommodate for frozen PowerPoint presentations, tough meat, and everything in between. However, as someone new to Cuenca and the Hearts of Gold family, I was also allowed the viewpoint of a spectator. And when I had time to sit back and take in the events of the night, watching all the people chatting, dancing and sipping wine made me think that all the chaos had paid off to create one pretty successful party.

The barbeque being my first Hearts of event, I could not have fully anticipated the magnitude of the celebration. However, what blew me away was not the amount of people that showed up or the size of the venue. It was the energy of genuine care and commitment that radiated from the entire ranch that night. Through my introductory conversations with different people, hearing speeches from the directors and watching individuals commit to sponsoring children that were not their own, I could tell everyone who was there not only saw Cuenca as their home, but also deeply cared about giving back to the city’s community. As a college student still searching for meaningful ways to impact the lives of others, the sense of dedication I felt from donors and members of the Hearts of Gold family was extremely empowering and a feeling I won’t soon forget.

So on my part, thank you, not only for attending the event, but also for reminding me that doing something, no matter how small, can make a huge difference in the lives of others.

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