Josue’s Dream

Josue’s Dream

At Hearts of Gold Foundation, we love to share the great news of our Program “All Children Deserve to Dream”. The goal of this initiative is to fulfill the dreams of children of disadvantaged backgrounds. A fulfilled dream is the perfect opportunity to show a child that he is seen, valued, and respected and that his dreams and goals are important.

Last Saturday, we fulfilled the first dream of 2021. Josue is a nine years old, adventurous boy from El Arenal Foundation. He loves to share time with his family and wants to become a policeman when he grows up.

When we asked about his dream, he said: “I would love to hiking and climbing big mountains”. Thanks to the support of our community and Geovanny Piña, trekking and climbing professional. Josue lived a great adventure and created beautiful memories.

His mom had told him that something special was going to happen and when the moment came, Josue with a big smile said: “I’m ready for the adventure”.

Even with the rain, he walked, walked, walked. He knew that with every step, he was closer to his dream. He reached the top of the mountain Avilahuayco in the Cajas National Park.

Using professional equipment, help, and guide, he could even climb a big rock. He loved every moment with a mix of enthusiasm and surprise, enjoyed the landscape and a delicious snack.

When he arrived home, gave a big and long hug to his mom, saying I have a lot to tell you. It was a great day.

Thanks to your support, we fulfilled Josue’s dream. Together, we can bring joy to children like Josue. We can inspire them and gives them hope for the future.

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