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 In solidarity we stand, hand in hand, as leaders of local community change!

In solidarity we stand, hand in hand, as leaders of local community change!

Inside Hearts of Gold

Empower Communities from Within

Hearts of Gold is a registered Ecuadorian nonprofit that works to boost the capacities of local nonprofits so that they can reach their unique goals. Our belief is that if you have a mission to help your community, we want to help you succeed!

Through a series of capacity building workshops, community dialogues, and mentorship hours, we work side by side with nonprofit leaders – the real changemakers – to help them embrace their strengths, target areas of weakness, and thrive in their long-term services to populations in need.

Your Gift Is Honored

We are committed to financial transperancy and responsibility

At Hearts of Gold we ensure that every contribution is responsibly distributed to our partners and programs. We value your trust as a donor and a member of our community, and we are committed to financial transparency and accountability. Our doors are always open to discuss the financial operations at Hearts of Gold.

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Our History

Helping others is not a job, it is a calling

  • Where It All Began

    Richard and Sheryle Verkley moved from Canada to Cuenca, Ecuador and grew a passion to serve their new community through informal charity outreach

  • The Big Movement

    What started as a personal desire to help others developed into something real. There became a need to legitimize the work of the Verkleys and the expat community in Cuenca.

  • Making It Official

    Hearts of Gold became an official foundation according to the Ecuadorian government in 2013. As a nonprofit, the foundation was now able to serve the community with new formalities.

  • From Values to Mission

    With its new status, Hearts of Gold made a shift from donation-based services to capacity building work. Hearts of Gold would now focus on empowerment of smaller grassroots organizations.

  • Empowering From Within

    Hearts of Gold developed its mission and vision, and created the Community Assistance Program, wherein small grassroots organizations could attain membership and become partners with Hearts of Gold.

  • So Much More to Achieve

    Hearts of Gold continued to soar as its mission expanded to long-term sustainability of its partners. The foundation witnessed a 130% growth in funds dispersed per year, totaling a 698% increase in funding from 2012 to 2015.

The Hearts of Gold Team

Meet The Individuals That Make Our Work Possible

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The Hearts of Gold Foundation is a nonprofit organization that works with existing Ecuadorian foundations to boost their capacities, and in doing so, help them thrive in the long-term. We focus on building the capacity of our partners as organizations and nonprofit professionals so that they will be more sustainable and independent.

The biggest difference between Hearts of Gold and other organizations is our partnership with existing Ecuadorian organizations that have been working in their communities for years. We are the only organization of our kind in Ecuador working to strengthen nonprofits through capacity building and bring together nonprofits that are working towards similar missions in Ecuador.

In addition, Hearts of Gold has a unique network that endeavors to connect the Expat and Ecuadorian communities in Azuay. Working on both a local and international level, we seek to promote cross-cultural unity and help expose smaller Ecuadorian organizations to greater resources.

Hearts of Gold is currently partnered with several organizations in and around the city of Cuenca through our Community Assistance Program, which provides complimentary workshops and consultations to leaders of local nonprofits.

We are able to provide committed support to our partner organizations thanks to the generous contributions we receive from our loyal donors, and to our annual fundraising events.

Since 2012, we have partnered with nonprofits that support a variety of causes, such as academic support, therapies, nutrition, autism awareness, housing, HIV/AIDS, inclusionary education, cancer services and support, elderly care and many more. At Hearts of Gold we want to see all of these organizations succeed and serve their communities in the best way possible!

Hearts of Gold was founded in 2010 by Canadian Expats Richard and Sheryle Verkley. In 2013, Hearts of Gold elected a Board of Directors, expanded its team, and became an official Ecuadorian Foundation, effectively offering greater support to the organizations with which it partners.

Every donation made to Hearts of Gold is tracked and assigned to its corresponding campaign – whether that be towards balanced, nutritious meals at Fundacion El Arenal  or tuition fees at CETAP-Lucy.

Any unrestricted gifts made to Hearts of Gold are designated to our Community Assistance Program, which provides our partners with  free services through mentorship, training, and administrative support. We host capacity building workshops for our partners and all nonprofits on subject areas such as Fundraising, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Finances, Time Management, Leadership, and many more.

Like many nonprofit organizations, Hearts of Gold utilizes the Gift Works program in order to track every donation it receives. This program allows us to assign each donation to the program or campaign the donor designates. It also generates reports in a secure and reliable platform.

The majority of our funds come from an amazing network of compassionate individuals on both the local and international levels. There are several businesses who are working with us through our corporate sponsorship program, which covers a great deal of our fundraising costs. We also work with Global GIving, through whom Hearts of Gold receives its 501c3 status in the United States and can accept grants and tax-deductible donations of any amount.

Our office is currently located in Cuenca, Ecuador. Please visit our contact page to view our exact location and contact information.

We work with organizations throughout the province of Azuay, and on the coast for earthquake relief.

As a young nonprofit, Hearts of Gold sees so many ways that we can grow and improve in our services to the community. In the short-term, we would like to see the growth of our Community Assistance Program to better serve our partners and implement a series of skills-building workshops. We would like to become a leader in a network of nonprofits and grassroots organizations in Cuenca and Ecuador. We believe we have the potential to be truly representative of the social issues in Ecuador through partnering with organizations in the sierra, coast and Amazon. We believe that by empowering organizations and community leaders, we as a small nonprofit in Cuenca, can have the largest impact on the social fabric of Ecuadorian society.

We are an independent organization, and do not define ourselves by or seek to promote any political or religious agenda or mission. We do, however, support programs that may be sponsored by or affiliated with religious groups. Our first priority is to help vulnerable children, elders, and families in the province of Azuay. We focus on supporting Ecuadorian organizations that share these same goals and values, independent of religious merits.

If you are interested in getting involved with Hearts of Gold, please fill out this Hearts of Gold Volunteer Application.

Make a contribution today to the work of Hearts of Gold. Our work is possible because of you.