Building Brighter Futures, One Lesson at a Time

Building Brighter Futures, One Lesson at a Time

Nonprofit leaders become family

We are excited to report continued progress of the Community Assistance Program (CAP)! Thanks to your support, over twenty local nonprofits are receiving the education and training they need to succeed and continue their critical and heartfelt services.

We continue to work with 5 members in the CAP who are not only receiving workshops and dialogue sessions, but also private mentoring hours and specialized evaluations to track their progress. These 5 member organizations include the OSSO orphanage, the women’s group Kallpa Warmi, CETAP-Lucy, NOVA Educational Center, and Fundacion El Arenal.

We are optimistic and excited about the progress of each organization! As CETAP-Lucy moves toward their 10-year anniversary, we are helping them strengthen their donor communications. With NOVA we are focusing on marketing strategies such as creating a website and using online registration/evaluation forms. With OSSO we are working on alternative fundraising strategies and how to optimize connections in the community for in-kind donations and services for their children. Likewise with El Arenal we are working with local donors to sponsor more children and provide in-kind donations. With Kallpa Warmi we are using their needs assessment to provide extra training opportunities for the women to manage their projects in entrepreneurship.

In order for more of you – our supporters – to get to know these partners, we have coordinated several open houses over the last few months at NOVA, OSSO, and Kallpa Warmi! If you did not get a chance to make it, please send us a message! We would love for you to see the fabulous work they are doing!

We have also been busy with many training opportunities over the last few months! July was “Fundraising” month where we offered 4 workshops on how to be more effective in fundraising and how to create relationships with donors. These 12 hours of workshops are an investment in the future of each organization and the services they offer to at-risk and disabled children, orphans, women, and communities.

As of August we are now in “vacations” period in Ecuador and preparing fantastic projects for the school year! Upcoming projects include our third nonprofit networking event of the year AND our 2nd Annual Somos el Cambio Seminar in September!  We are also conducting the quarterly progress-tracking evaluations with each CAP member which helps to see how each partner is advancing and helps us to continue improving the CAP program.

Thanks to each and everyone of you, this CAP program has been a success. It is the only program of its kind providing capacity building for Ecuadorian nonprofits – all thanks to YOUR support.

E D U C A T E local nonprofits / E M P O W E R their leaders, C O N N E C T social initiatives.

Learning in process, July was about Fundraising!
NOVA staff at RumiSol Yoga learning stress relief
Our most recent nonprofit networking event
Hearts of Gold staff visits on Children’s Day!

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