The Hearts of Gold Foundation wants to give you a chance to win big, just in time for the holidays. When you purchase tickets to our community 50/50, or split the pot, raffle, you’ll have the opportunity to win half of the money we raise. You will also warm your heart knowing that the other half goes to support Hearts of Gold’s mission to empower communities so that women, children and families can enjoy lives of hope, health and dignity.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1 ticket for $10
  • 3 tickets for $25
  • 8 tickets for $50
  • 20 tickets for $100

The 50/50 winner will be drawn Dec. 1st. To sweeten the deal, we will double your chances to win if you buy your tickets by November 15!

Get your tickets below via Paypal – or – order by cash or credit card by giving us a call at (07) 285- 3767, weekdays between 9am and 1pm.